When do you learn the most?

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Difference and Sameness


Which situations do you learn the most from? The comfortable ones or the uncomfortable ones?


It’s very easy to spend all your time with people you like and get on well with. What is much more challenging is to engage with people who are different and have different views.


Recently I was on a workshop run by Paul Scheele and he pointed out that whilst familiarity leads to connections, difference leads to learning.


Since he pointed this out, I’ve been doing my best to notice opportunities for difference and learning. Have you noticed how easily people dismiss ideas that are not the same as your own? Do you think it’s because they don’t want to learn or is it because they don’t want to feel uncomfortable? Or is it because they know they are right?



Many people don’t like being confused. They find it frustrating, yet it is one of the steps you need to go through in order to learn.


Once you know this, you can relax and enjoy it.


To move on from the state of confusion, you need to ask questions. To quote from an old TV series (Babylon 5) “Never fear answers. Only fear running out of questions.”


When you get frustrated, you can end stuck instead of asking questions. But you will find that if you do start asking questions, you will make a lot of progress.


Questions focus your mind and make it easier for you to learn.


Great answers breed better questions

I got this excellent quote from Mel Stephenson of The Data Studio. He’s hooked on

Great Answers Breed Better Questions

One of Mel’s great posters

questions. They are the answer to many situations.


When you come across difference and confusion, instead of dismissing or getting frustrated, try asking some questions.


If you are stuck for questions, you could do worse than trying my booklet:


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One Response to “When do you learn the most?”

  1. December 26, 2012 at 12:08 pm

    Hi Nancy,

    How are you? hope everything is good with you and all my blessing is with you.
    I learn your blog about situation do you learn the most from. Topic is very good and the information which you put is amazing and i am also agree that if somebody want to learn something then the best class is learn from the other person who has an oppsite attitude from you.
    It require a lot of patience as it is not in everyone but for success in life, patience is must.