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Are you just stirring the pan and hoping for the best?

I was on a cookery course recently. This is all as part of my New Year’s Resolution to try out 52 recipes this year. (You can keep up to date with my progress and the recipes on our FaceBook page.) … Continue reading

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Laziness or incompetence?

Is it laziness or incompetence? Why don’t people prioritise effectively? Sometimes, yes it is both laziness and incompetence. Other times it’s because of what is going on in your brain. Stress When we are stressed or under pressure, your ability … Continue reading

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5 Big mistakes to avoid when managing change

Have you had to implement change or been part of change recently? In a world that’s changing rapidly it’s hard to avoid change. So it’s important to get it done with the minimum of effort and cost. There are crucial … Continue reading

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What is your priority?

What is the priority? So often when you ask people (perhaps even your manager) what the priority is they say, “Everything is important.” This shows a complete lack of ability to prioritise. In some organisations it seems to get worse … Continue reading

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What’s Your Top Priority?

It is a truth universally acknowledged that many people who need to improve their time management skills don’t have enough time to do it (and consequently don’t come on time management courses). It’s an indicator of the failure of one … Continue reading

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