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Are you measuring performance the right way?

  What’s the best way to measure the quality of a repair? Is it speed? How quickly they are returned to the customer? The quality of the work?     How do you measure quality? And if it is the … Continue reading

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Frighteningly bad objectives

Do your objectives scare you? I work with people at all levels helping them to write their objectives and goals and make them SMART. Let me tell you what scares me. I find it really scary when the top people, … Continue reading

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How to be Honest in Performance Reviews and Performance Appraisals

Alan Mulally – the Chief Executive at Ford has turned the company round. But when he first took over they were losing £17bn a year. He was faced with a group of people who were not working together and ways … Continue reading

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Is Dumbledore Really a Good Headmaster?

This week I’d like to ask a question about a fictional character, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts. These days he should probably be called the Head Teacher, but I’ve stuck to the title given to him by … Continue reading

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