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How to be happy

In what can be quite depressing times, you may want to see a film about how to be happy. Happy I recently went to see the film “Happy” and it certainly makes you think. In the film you meet Manoj … Continue reading

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Happiness Tips 2: Focus on the happy events coming up.

Do you spend too much time worrying about what’s coming up and how awful it will be? Many people do. And guess what? It’s a great way to make yourself unhappy. Has it ever occurred to you that that you … Continue reading

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Take Control

Let me describe Flick to you. She was very attractive with long blonde hair, freckles and blue smiling eyes, but unbelievably annoying. She was self-centred and hardly stopped talking long enough to draw breath. You know the kind of person … Continue reading

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Find out what really makes you happy

Do you know what makes you really happy? Strangely, most people are not very good at identifying what makes them happy. You need to be able to identify things that you know, after you’ve done them, will make you feel … Continue reading

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Happiness Tips 1 – Plan To Be Happy

This is so simple and obvious that many people don’t even think about it. But you can do it with surprisingly little effort. A client of mine had a very tough year-long task. I don’t think anyone of any sense … Continue reading

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Why Are So Many People Unhappy?

Imagine you miss your train by ten minutes. How would you feel? Now imagine you missed it by seconds and arrived on the platform to see it pulling away. How would you feel then? Have you ever missed a train … Continue reading

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Money, Friends and Happiness

Recipe For Happiness Do you think that having a bit more money will make you happier? You have probably heard lots of research saying that money doesn’t make people happy. But it’s hard to believe, isn’t it? And clearly companies … Continue reading

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Is It Really Better To Give Than Receive?

First, Some Chocolate I came across some research recently from the researcher, Dr Matthew D Lieberman of the University of California was asking the question; ‘Does fairness taste like chocolate?’ As a keen consumer of chocolate, I was very interested … Continue reading

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