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Do you allow your emotions to rule your life?

  Are you able to identify emotions?   Try this simple test: Can you tell the difference between a happy dog and an angry dog? I bet you can – and being able to do this is vital.     … Continue reading

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Do you have problems you are completely unaware of?

  A recent report on what’s been going wrong in some NHS (National Health Service) hospitals has highlighted that; at Stafford hospital there were many reports of problems by staff (hundreds of them). But the people on the board of … Continue reading

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Emotional intelligence – An easy way to improve it

  How good is your emotional intelligence? And does emotional intelligence help anyway?     And if it does, can you improve it?       Emotional intelligence     This is your ability to   • Identify emotions (both … Continue reading

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Does Emotional Intelligence help you at work?

  Did you watch the Wimbledon men’s final? I feel like I lost about a stone during the exhausting three sets. (It was probably worse for the finalists though.)   If you watched any of the finals, you couldn’t have … Continue reading

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Negotiation Mistakes 4: Being Angry

his is an easy mistake to make. Have you ever been really angry when someone has told you that you must do something? Or have you ever been very angry and told someone else to do something? There it is, … Continue reading

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