Have you come across a performance issue that has been festering for years?
Like someone who has behaved badly ever since they were recruited?

Or a team member who has simply never done his or her job properly?

Or someone who has never been able to deliver the right quality or deal with people in they way they should?

After so long, it can be hard to know where to start.
Where do you start?

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Steps for dealing with performance issues

This is a question I have often been asked, so here is what to do.

Step 1
Identify the standards of performance and behaviour you really need. This is very close to the objectives and will help you with that stage a bit later.

Step 2
Gather the facts on what has happened, what the individual has done and not done.

Step 3
Check the costs. This should at least include:

  • Lost sales
  • Wasted hours (yours, your colleagues, including the time spent talking about it)
  • Time off (stress etc)
  • Opportunity cost (what else could you have done with this time)

Step 4
Identify your objective – that is what you really need to achieve. See ‘How to Write Objectives That Work” and use your discount code Grapevine 4823 to get 25% off just for this week.

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Step 5
Work out your plan for tackling the individual.

  • Take responsibility
  • Explain the situation.
  • Check awareness
  • Help them to learn new skills

I don’t like to say to people that they must change. I find it’s far better to help them to learn some other ways, usually much easier, of dealing with the situations where there have been problems.

In order to do this you need to have very clear objectives, especially if you are dealing with behaviours. They need to be quite specific:
“When someone says something that you disagree with you:
Listen to what they have said till they have finished
Summarise it back to them
Wait for them to say if you have got it right or not
Ask them what they think your view is
Identify the objective”

This may sound like way too much detail, but in these situations, at the beginning, it is often necessary to go into that much detail.

Agree measures

You need to know if your efforts are having any impact.

Now for the real work

Once you’ve done all this foundation work, then you can start with the real work. But believe me, it’s much easier if you do the preparation and planning first. Take a look at my other examples in  “How to Deal With Poor Performance” Use this discount code, Grapevine 4823, just for you, as a Grapevine reader, so you can get your 25% discount. The discount code is valid just for this week.

This discount applies to “How to Write Objectives That Work” and “How to Deal with Poor Performance”

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