The Secrets of Writing Objectives


The Secrets of Writing Objectives

This downloadable audio product is designed specifically to answer your questions on objectives.

You will find out how to write objectives that are SMART, clear and understandable...And measurable.

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  • Secrets of Writing Objectives (digital)

    This product is specifically designed for HR Professionals and Managers who want to know now to write objectives in various different areas and the detailed techniques involved.

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Your questions on objectives answered in this audio product, including transcript and example objectives from many different industries.

Struggling with objectives? Having trouble getting started? Find out how to write objectives that are meaningful right now.

Stop struggling now and get the help you need.

Nancy Slessenger gives you her top secrets on writing objectives.

In this series of interviews she shares with you the information that her top clients pay thousands for.



You will listen to a discussion on objectives, but don’t be deceived by the friendly approach – you will get plenty of hard-headed practical advice that you can put into action straight away.

  • Your questions on Objectives answered.
  • A clear definition of what objectives really are.
  • Where to start when writing your objectives.
  • How to make sure you have SMART objectives and SMART goals.
  • 20+ examples of real objectives and how to write them.
  • The basic components that make up a good objective.
  • How to work out measures for difficult objectives.
  • How to get people to think in terms of “results” and not “tasks”
  • The difference between aims, targets, goals and objectives.
  • The difference between objectives and behaviours.
  • How to write behavioural objectives.
  • How to make sure objectives are clearly aligned.
  • What to do when objectives aren’t aligned.
  • How to spot badly aligned objectives.
  • How to make objectives achievable.
  • How to cascade objectives the easy way.
  • How many objectives you should have.
  • Making objectives fair.
  • How to ensure the wording is clear and everyone understands the objective.
  • How to write objectives for people who are strongly impacted by other departments.
  • How to get the objectives right at the top.
  • What to do when you have the word ‘best’ in your objective.
  • What to do with mission statements Get senior mangers to write clear objectives.
  • How to write SMART objectives.



Buy ‘The Secrets of Writing Objectives’ now for just £29.97

Yes, it is hard at first, when you’ve never seen what well-written objectives look like. But once you know the basic techniques you’ll be able to write objectives that aremeaningful and measurable.

Objectives are the starting point for everything you do. They are the foundation of any performance management system, but, more than that, they are there to make sure you are focusing your efforts on the right things.

Having clear objectives can improve your performance by 36% (Corporate Leadership Council 2002) It’s the easiest and cheapest way to be more successful.

But… if you’ve ever tried to write objectives you’ll have discovered that it’s not as easy as it looks. You start writing one and they you find you can’t measure it. Or you write one for a member of your team and they do something completely different from what you had in mind.

Then it comes to your appraisal and you think you’ve achieved your objectives and your manager doesn’t.

How do you get around these problems? There are LOTS of things you can do, most of them very quick and easy to learn.



Hi, my name is Nancy Slessenger, and I’ve sold thousands of copies of ‘How to Write Objectives That Work’ my best-selling booklet on writing objectives. Today I consult with dozens of companies in pharmaceuticals, government, not-for-profit, education, electronics, software, finance, legal and retail. I help them to get their objectives right. A day’s work for me might include everything from helping a CEO to write his or her objectives to working with a software engineer or administrative assistant on their objectives.

But do you know what? Most of the time, the problems are the same.

I started working on objectives when I had to write my own. I found it really difficult. For the last 20 years I’ve worked as a trainer, coach and consultant, developing ways of writing objectives that make it easy. In that time I have written thousands and thousands of objectives in all kinds of fields and become the only consultant who specialises in this area.

As I began running workshops on how to write objectives I came across all kinds of problems and met people who were frustrated and desperate for help.

That’s why I wrote my booklet ‘How to Write Objectives That Work’.

I then got asked to speak at conferences and consult with top teams and boards on writing objectives. I saw how hungry people are for good information on this subject – and how hard it is to find anyone who truly knows it from the inside out.

I saw that many people want more in-depth information on writing objectives. So I asked my clients and the subscribers to my eZine, GrapeVine, what their biggest questions around objectives were.

The result is ‘The Secrets of Writing Objectives’. I answer all their questions in the series of interviews that make up this product. It’s the fastest way to beat the learning curve, and get your objectives written.

The Secrets of Writing Objectives arms you with the information you need to overcome all they problems you are likely to encounter when writing objectives.



The Secrets of Writing Objectives

In Part 1 you get

A clear definition of what objectives really are

Many people don’t really know what objectives are for. Once you do know, they are much easier to write. If you don’t know, you end up writing objectives that can be completely useless.

How to start

A major problem for many people. You find out the easy way to get going and help others to do the same.

How to make your objectives SMART

You discover the basic components that make up a good objective and find out that there’s more to objectives than SMART

The answer to the question: ‘Should my objectives include my ‘day job’?’ An area where many companies get it wrong and the cost is huge.

How to work out measures for difficult objectives. I show you a really simple way to make sure you can measure your objectives. Forget all the stuff about KPIs and separate measures.

Some straightforward ways to get people to think in terms of “results” and not “tasks”. This is one of the biggest problems in writing objectives and something that many people find really hard to deal with, but you’ll find some quick and easy answers.

The difference between aims, targets, goals and objectives. How to work it out and understand what’s going on.

How to get over a very common mistake that causes serious problems if you mix it up: The difference between objectives and behaviours.

The sticky area of how to write behavioural objectives or ‘soft’ so that they can be measured.



In Part 2 you find out

How to make sure the objectives are clearly defined so that everyone understands the objective.

Have you heard of ‘alignment’? If you haven’t you need to know what it’s about and what to do about badly aligned objectives. They could be costing you thousands.

How to spot badly aligned objectives, what they are and why they happen.

Should you make sure your objectives are achievable? If so, how? And how do you make them fair for everyone? You’ll find out in part 2.

Easy, simple techniques for cascading objectives down the organization.

How many objectives you should have.

What do to for people who are strongly impacted by other departments and dependent on them for their work.



Part 3 is about specific issues for senior managers and high level objectives

You’ll find out how to get the objectives right at the top and why it’s so important.

Many organisations have the word ‘Best’ in their objectives. It’s a word that should never appear in an objective. So I tell you how to tackle that issue.

Mission statements. Many clients ask me if mission statements can be specific. In part three, I go through this issue and give you some examples.

Sometimes senior managers need help in getting their objectives clear, you’ll find out how to do that in this part.



The Secrets of Writing Objectives – Examples

You discover how to write objectives for these situations:

  • Objectives to meet service users needs against service targets
  • Cross-functional teams
  • Objectives to enhance the company’s future
  • Ongoing tasks – including a ‘time-bound’ element
  • A hairstylist
  • A commercial department
  • Ensuring meaningful objectives for a mature team
  • A music/entertainment company
  • Financial objectives
  • Operational/task based jobs like security guards
  • Research based jobs
  • The police service under a deluge of targets and Performance Indicators
  • What can you do to help in a group environment where by definition the one to one option isn’t viable?
  • Managing volunteers
  • Being self-employed
  • Persuading others on the reasons to write out their objectives
  • How to build up momentum for new objectives when old ones have been achieved
  • A technique for keeping forward/upward motion after an objective has been achieved
  • Financial, customer, process and people objectives for a fraud analyst
  • Objectives to increase productivity
  • Objectives to increase motivation and achievement?
  • Making objectives something that someone really wants to do



What you get

The Secrets of Writing Objectives

  • 3 half hour MP3 downloads where I answer questions on objectives
  • PDF transcripts of the interviews

The Secrets of Writing Objectives – Examples

  • 3 half hour MP3 downloads of examples and how to write objectives in each one
  • PDF transcripts of the interview

Examples you can use

  • A word document with example objectives that you can modify, copy and paste and use as your own

Everything you’ll get is real. None of it is made up, every example is real


Not enough time?

You’re probably wondering how much time it’s going to take to do this. You can listen to these six parts, packed with information in just 3 hours.



The Bottom Line

Why would you invest in this information?

Only two reasons:

1. Because it will save you hours of wasted effort and frustration

2. Because it will improve your performance by up to 36%.

You can download The Secrets of Writing Objectives now for just £29.97



My simple No-Hassle, Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re unhappy with this product for any reason, tell me and you will get a full and courteous refund.
Nancy Slessenger


FAQ: Your Questions About The Secrets of Writing Objectives, Answered

Q: I’m new to writing objectives. Is this easy to understand, or is it too advanced for me?

A: Don’t worry – yes, this is simple and easy to understand. The Secrets of Writing Objectives will take out the mystery and put in the common sense.

Q: Does ‘Secrets’ cover the most common problems and how to deal with them?

A: Yes – and lots else besides.

Q: I bought ‘How to Write Objectives That Work’ several months ago and have found it really useful. But is there anything new in ‘The Secrets of Writing Objectives’?

A: There’s lots more. I have included information I’ve only previously shared with consultancy clients who pay me £2000/day. And you can benefit from all that.

Q: How do I know if ‘Secrets’ will work in my particular Job?

A: I have worked successfully in these areas:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Electronics
  • Government Departments
  • Research
  • Banking
  • Building
  • Sales
  • Finance
  • Charity
  • Fashion
  • Education
  • Biotech
  • Legal
  • Construction
  • Retail
  • Space Industry
  • Healthcare

… and many, many more. If you implement the principles they will work in any area.

Q: Help! I’m desperate. I need to write my objectives now. Will this work?

A: Yes. You’ll find out how to start and what to do.

Q: Do you cover how to do get senior managers to write objectives?

A: This is an area I work in all the time so I’ve included my top tips for anyone trying to do this. You won’t find this information anywhere else.

Q: I never got any of my “Free tips for writing objectives” e-mails. So how do I know I’ll get this?

A: The system is not quite perfect, and messages can get caught in spam filters. Please email me and let me know which set you would like. I’ll sort it out. Justcontact meIf you have any problems getting the download, call Charlie Hall on (+44) 01483 811418 and she will sort it out.

If we can’t sort it out you’ll get your money back, no quibbles.