Objectives for Production


Your Production Objectives written in 10 minutes

SMART objectives, SMART goals and SMART targets for Production. 23 examples of typical Production objectives, including how to cascade them to your team, for you to modify copy and paste, with explanations.

To make writing objectives easy with objectives examples, get this “Objectives Quick Start Sheet for Production”. You can modify copy and paste these into your own objectives. You get the examples, what they should be and explanations on how to make them SMART.

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  • Objectives Quick Start Sheets - Production

    Your objectives written in 10 minutes.23 examples of typical Production objectives, and how to cascade them, for you to modify copy and paste, with explanations.

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Your Production objectives written in 10 minutes.

In production the emphasis is often on improving efficiency and reducing failure rates. You need to have specific figures in mind for this and also cascade these objectives down effectively. At the end of the examples there is an example cascade to show you what we mean. It’s not good simply cascading down ‘reduce failure rate’. People need to know what they personally have to do in order to contribute.


Real Examples

We’ve gathered together examples from Production Managers just like you and we’ve put them into this document – a ‘quick start sheet’.

All you need to do is make any necessary modifications then just copy and paste them into your own objectives.

You’ll find the badly written objectives together with what they should really look like and our explanation of how to do it.

Every single example is from a real client – you will recognise many of them. This is THE fastest way to get your objectives written and make sure they are SMART.

  • Specify, design & implement fault logging database
  • Achieve 60% of available time on testing.
  • Service Engineer Repair customer failed units / provide additional test resource as required.
  • Achieve 90% of available time on testing.
  • Production & test technician – Provide assistance to engineers / Preliminary testing & functionality testing of CV products
  • Achieve 50% of available time on testing.
  • Increase flexibility in the department

By getting these objectives right you’ll find they are easier to achieve and you will be able to work out you plan effectively.


You’ll discover what to do with all of these and much more.