Objectives for IT


Your IT objectives written in 10 minutes

Trouble writing objectives? Find out how to write objectives for IT and make sure you have SMART objectives, SMART targets and SMART goals.


In this product you’ll find 26 real objectives examples of typical ‘bad’ IT objectives.  You’ll also find examples of what they should be and explanations on how to turn them into SMART objectives. You can use these examples as a basis for your own.

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    Your objectives written in 10 minutes. 26 examples of typical IT objectives for you to modify copy and paste, with explanations.

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26 examples of typical IT objectives for you to modify copy and paste, with explanations.


IT objectives are hard to write

Many IT objectives tend to be around supporting others. You need to be clear exactly what this means. But often they don’t know either, so that can make the objectives hard to get right.

We’ve gathered together examples from may IT people just like you. We’ve put them into this document – our ‘quick start sheet’.

All you need to do is make any necessary modifications then just copy and paste them into your own objectives.

You’ll find the badly written objectives together with what they should really look like and our explanation of how to do it.

Every single example is from a real client – you will recognise many of them. This is THE fastest way to get your objectives written and make sure they are SMART.


Here are just a few examples of the badly written objectives:

  • To ensure a permanent communication channel with the IT Management team allowing the needs and strategy of these business to be understood.
  • Support and implement software transition to business as usual
  • Implement organisational changes
  • Ensure compliance within company procedures and legislation
  • Ensure we can successfully support the new APPD application. Arrange overviews with RA. Collate document and issue to the team.
  • Become a resource and asset in setting up and configuring TP daily and weekly backups. (Liaise with Technical Services on how we configure TP), Provide detailed documentation and issue to all members of the team
  • Ensure the timely, efficient and quality controlled release of new software.

By getting these objectives right you’ll find they are easier to achieve and you will be able to work out you plan effectively.


You’ll discover what to do with all of these and much more.