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    Your objectives written in 10 minutes.21 examples of typical HR objectives for you to modify copy and paste, with explanations.

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Your HR Objectives written in 10 minutes

21 examples of typical HR objectives

You can modify copy and paste these into your own objectives. You get the examples, with explanations on how to make them SMART.


HR objectives are hard to write

HR objectives are some of the most difficult to write. This is because, very often you are charged with achieving something that is beyond your authority, like implementing a new Performance Management system.


Only the managers can do that. You can advise on strategy, give them the tools they need, supply the materials and ensure the training happens so that they can gain the skills required. But their managers are responsible for making sure it’s implemented.

In my ‘quick start sheet’ you will find typical example objectives from people just like you. You will probably recognise some of them. All you need to do is make any necessary modifications then just copy and paste them into your own objectives.
You’ll find the badly written objectives together with what they should really look like and my explanation of how to do it.


Every single example is from a real client

You will recognise many of them. This is THE fastest way to get your objectives written and make sure they are SMART.

Here are just a few examples of the badly written objectives:

  • Develop and implement a Group succession plan process down to and including Branch Managers. Actions taken to ensure plan active
  • Develop a suite of workshops to be delivered to Site Managers. The aim is to build management of people skills
  • Implement organisational changes
  • Become the employer of choice
  • Increase cooperation in the company
  • Increase employee engagement
  • To embed leadership excellence practices for all line managers

By getting these objectives right you’ll find they are easier to achieve and you will be able to work out you plan effectively.


You’ll discover what to do with all of these and much more.