SMART Objectives and SMART Goals with Examples

 SMART Objectives and SMART Goals with Examples

"Get help now writing your objectives"

"I'm Really Struggling Getting These Objectives Written! Should It Be This Difficult?"

Writing objectives, goals and targets is far more difficult than most people think. But it doesn’t have to be; we can help.

You see…

People make many basic mistakes because they simply do not know the A to Z method, the principles that take away the struggle and avoid the errors we see many managers (even whole organisations!) making every day.

SMART Objectives and Goals

The classic wisdom for writing objectives, of course, is that they need to be SMART. That means they are:

: What exactly do you need to achieve?
Measurable: How would you know you have achieved it?
Achievable: Is it actually possible?
Relevant: Does it relate to your overall organisational goals? Does it support them?
Time-bounded: Is there a clear deadline?

Yes, this looks simple. But doing it well can be a real challenge.

For example, if your organization's top-level objectives themselves aren't clear, you'll find your job of writing objectives to be quite difficult. That's why if you're finding this to be particularly tough, it may not actually be your fault.

How to Write Objectives that Work

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• How to measure your progress quickly, easily & consistently, through to the end.

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Why trust us?

For over 20 years we have been working with people in every kind and size of organisation from big corporate international companies to small businesses and individuals. During that time we have written thousands of objectives for thousands of people just like you.

Examples of non-SMART objectives:

Increase sales
This is not specific, it has no deadline and could be achieved by selling just $1 more (probably not what you want).

Understand more about driving
“Understanding” is very hard to measure. Identify what you need to be able to do by “Understanding”.

Attend a training course on presentation skills.
Being there is not enough. Identify why you need to attend a training course. Attending the course is how you will achieve the objective.

Understand graphs

This needs to be much more specific. Here are two options…

For a school exam:

Be able to create graphs that will enable me to answer questions in the biology exam by 2nd April.

For a research scientist:

Be able to create graphs that will identify trends in drug-taking amongst 18-20 year olds in the UK.