Super Sales Skills


This set of booklets is specially for you if you are in sales and need to run your team from a distance.

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  • Super Sales Skills (e books)

    This set is specially for you if you are in sales and need to run your team from a distance.

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This set is specially for you if you are in sales and need to run your team from a distance.

You get the following publications in the set:-


Cold Calling For Hot Leads

If you hate cold-calling and need to generate sales, this is the booklet for you. We share a system for you to follow that really works.

  • Which prospects are the ones most likely to give you business
  • How to get lists of those specific prospects
  • Why you should conduct a pilot first
  • How to set up your systems so you gather the information you need to keep on getting better and better results
  • How to plan your calls
  • What you should have on your prompt list
  • How to reach the right person
  • How to deal with obstacles
  • The best times to call
  • What to do if you get voice mail
  • How to handle rejection
  • What to do if you get through and they don’t sound happy
  • How much to say about your product or service
  • How to approach the call
  • How to qualify the call so you only go to see people who are really interested and could give you business
  • How to make the appointment
  • 26 extra do’s and don’ts to keep you on the right track.


How to Give Great Customer Service

How to keep current customers and get new ones.

  • What great customer service really is
  • What your customers expect
  • Why it is important to exceed expectations
  • What great customer service gets you as an individual
  • What great service means to you as an organisation
  • The key elements of great customer service
  • What really makes a difference for the customer
  • The Principles of Great Customer Service
  • How to create trust and customer loyalty.
  • How to Influence Customer Perceptions.
  • How to Take Positive Action.
  • How to Create a positive and memorable Customer Experience.
  • What makes a big difference to the customer’s experience.
  • How to empathise with the customer.
  • How, what and when to Communicate
  • How to establish rapport with your customer
  • How to communicate with customers over the phone and by email
  • Useful language techniques including Examples
  • A four step process to make the customer part of the solution not the problem.
  • Tips for Dealing with Upset Customers
  • What not to say to an upset customer
  • How to Turn Complaints into Opportunities


How to Write Objectives that work

Tips and techniques that will make it easy for you to write your objectives. Plenty of examples to use and learn from.

  • How to make your objectives SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bounded)
  • Easy ways to write your objectives from scratch
  • Which words to avoid and what to use instead
  • The three ways to put time into your objectives
  • How to write objectives for really difficult areas like Personal Development and Health and Safety
  • How to resolve common mistakes
  • What to do during the year to make it easier when it comes to your performance review


Virtual Teams

For anyone who is trying to run a Virtual Team and make it work, we reveal how you can quickly and easily set up your team and get it working in days.

  • What virtual teams really are
  • Where Virtual Teams can work
  • The myths about Virtual Working
  • What the success of your Virtual Team depends on
  • How to start up your Virtual Team
  • How to set the goal
  • How to pick the right people
  • How to run an on-going/long term virtual team
  • What to set up procedures for
  • Risks you need to manage
  • What to do if you can’t have a face to face kick off meeting
  • How to facilitate your start up meeting
  • How to structure assignments
  • How to lead the team day by day
  • A check list on what to do each day

and much more…