Recruitment Materials for Vets – Annual Membership (monthly)

Recruitment Materials for Vets – Annual Membership. All the materials you need to make recruiting for your hospital or practice easier, designed and tested by Dr Dave Nicol and Nancy Slessenger. Monthly license fee, first month of 12 £65.50 (AU$99)

Recruitment Materials for Vets – Annual Membership (monthly)

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$104.80 every month

The cost of recruiting the wrong person into your hospital can be phenomenal. The wrong vet can cost you $100,000 over a year.


See the figures here. The Cost of Poor Recruitment.


For 1% of that cost – AU$999 or just AU$99 per month over a year, you get access to materials that will drastically increase your chances of recruiting the right candidates.


We have produced sets of these documents for each post, including Vet, Receptionist, Admin person, Vet Nurse, Trainee Vet Nurse, Intern and Practice Manager.


Once you are a member you get access to the materials you need to recruit for any post at your veterinary hospital including:

  • Objectives
  • Job Descriptions
  • Person Specifications
  • Advertisements
  • Recruitment Tests
  • Interview Questions


Dave Nicol and I have combined our expertise and experience to developed a whole range of recruitment materials especially for vets that we have tested ourselves. We are constantly updating these materials and adding new ones.


By signing up for membership to this service you will have access to whatever materials you need over the year for recruiting into your hospital or practice. If you can’t find what you need, or we haven’t produced it yet, we’ll write it especially for you.


The documents you will have access to:



A set of SMART objectives for each post. You can use the objectives as they are, add your own and delete any that are not relevant.


Job Descriptions

Job descriptions should make it easy for anyone to know what is required in the job. You get access to job descriptions that can be easily modified to suit your situation.


Person Specifications

Detailed specifications including skills, personality profiles, and experience required.



We have written many successful advertisements. We will share with you some options for each post. Advertisements need to reflect your business and its personality, so we highlight areas you will want to personalise.


These advertisements will make you stand out from the crowd and attract the kind of candidates you are looking for.


Recruitment Tests

These tests are probably the most valuable part of the service. We have developed a range of tests that we use in two ways. The purpose of the first set is to filter out people before you interview them. They are designed to be done remotely and emailed to you.


This saves you a great deal of time seeing people who just could not do the job. You will be surprised at how badly some people do them.


The second set is for you to use on the final candidates when you get them in for interview.


All the tests are designed to find out whether the candidates can do the job or not. They test a whole range of skills in a situation as close as possible to real life and so are generally much more reliable a way of discovering how good a candidate is than virtually anything else.


We are continually designing new tests to add to our range, so as a member you will have access to the latest materials.


Interview Questions

You not only get the questions, you also get notes on the kinds of answers you need and how to ask the questions.


Secure members area

You will get a password that enables you to access the material once that part of the website is finished. Till then, you just email us with your request and we will send you the material you need.