Workshop: How To Write Objectives

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Our most popular and best-selling workshop. You will not only be able to write objectives at the end of this workshop you'll have most of your objectives written by then. ,500.00

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This workshop has been honed over many years to make writing objectives as easy as possible.

We can run our standard workshop for you, including:

  • What objectives really are
  • How to write them
  • How to cascade them effectively
  • How to make sure they are measurable
  • How to make them SMART
  • How to cope with time in objectives
  • How to cover those difficult areas like meetings, development objectives and objectives around behaviour
  • Words to avoid
  • Common mistakes and what to do to rectify them
  • How many objectives to have

Your poeple will leave this workshop with most of their objectives written and able to cascade their objectives to their team if necessary.

If you would like us to tailor the workshop for you we will:

  • Include examples from your own organisation
  • Give people examples they can use
  • Include your paperwork and processes and how to use them effectively

This workshop can be a half day session for up to 20 people or, for the same price, we will run three one hour sessions covering the basics.

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