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Coaching by phone to help you to improve easily and quickly. Areas include: writing objectives, improving underperformance, giving feedback, dealing with difficult behaviours including bullying, time management, recruitment and managing really difficult situations.

Product Description

Half hour telephone coaching session with Nancy Slessenger.

Are these areas where you would like some help? Our purpose is to help you improve your performance or the performance of others.

The key areas we can help you with are:

Writing objectives. Whatever your objectives, we will help you get them clear. Don’t waste hours on it struggling by yourself. Get some help. We have over 20 years experience helping people to write and cascade their objectives at every level. Let us help you.

Improving underperformance. Many organisations have people who are just not producing what they should. Where do you start? How do you get their output up and the problems down? We help you to do just that.

Giving Feedback. Giving feedback effectively can improve performance by up to 39%. How would that help you and your organisation? Most people either don't do it or do it in a way that actually reduces performance.

Dealing with difficult behaviours. Sometimes problems are more around the way people do things, rather than what they achieve. (Of course it can be both.) We help you to deal effectively with all kinds of behaviour problems from bullying to negativity and just plain awkward.

Time Management. Too much to do and not enough time to do it? Too many people making too many demands on your time? Not enough hours in the day? Stressed to breaking point? We help you to solve those problems with straightforward, easy to implement strategies and techniques.Confidence. Is it that you just need more confidence but don't know where to get it? We do and we can help you to develop it yourself.

Recruitment. Have you recruited people that just didn't work out? Would you like to know how to gather the information you need in order to make effective recruitment decisions? Would you like some easy ways to get it right more of the time? We can help you with all of those.How to make the most of your training budget. How many of us have infinite training budgets? Would you like to get more out of yours? We can show you how and help you to make improvements that will get more from what you are already doing.We can do any of this as consultancy, coaching you to do it yourself or by designing and running workshops to train you and your people. Most often we use a combination of techniques to give you the best result.

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