Feedback for the Faint-Hearted

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How to give and get feedback that improves performance. Full of easy and effective ways to say what you need to say with plenty of examples.

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Feedback for the Faint-hearted

Tips on How to Give and Get Feedback That Improves Performance, by Nancy Slessenger

Badly given feedback actually reduces performance. That includes phrases like:

‘Great job’
‘You were wonderful’
‘You are brilliant’

Giving feedback is the most effective way of improving performance, but most people don’t know how to do it; do you?

  • Do you hate giving feedback?
  • Does the feedback you give really improve performance?
  • Do you avoid giving ‘negative’ feedback because you are worried about how people will respond?
  • Are you concerned about tackling bad behaviour and poor performance?

      If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, this booklet is for you.
      In this simple, step by step guide you will discover:

      • What feedback really is.
      • How to give feedback.
      • Why there is no such thing as ‘positive or negative’ feedback.
      • Damaging and dangerous ways of giving feedback that you must avoid.
      • The three key ways of giving feedback.
      • Why you need to know which one to use.
      • Advantages and disadvantages of different methods for giving feedback and why the easiest one works the best.
      • 20 Specific examples of how to give feedback
      • 10 examples of how not to do it.
      • Exactly what you need to make sure a person knows and understands.
      • Specific questions to ask a person who needs feedback.
      • What do to when there have been problems.
      • How to give feedback in really difficult situations.
      • What not to say.
      • Why you should never use phrases like ‘You are great.’ or ‘You are amazing.’
      • How to give written feedback and specific examples
      • How to get feedback from others with examples of the questions to use so that you get useful information rather than vague platitudes or annoying insults
      • What you should absolutely never ask when you need feedback
      • A really easy strategy for dealing with unwanted, unfair or unpleasant feedback
      • What to do about insults
      • How to deal with compliments
      • A list of 50 questions to help you give and get feedback effortlessly and improve your performance radically.

        Immediate results you can expect when you use Feedback for the Faint-Hearted

        • Improved performance from your team
        • You will feel comfortable giving feedback
        • You will be able to handle unwanted, unfair and unpleasant feedback
        • You will be able to get feedback that drastically improves your performance

            Without feedback there is no learning. It’s really the only way we ever improve our skill. This booklet will enable you to be focused when you give feedback and help you to improve your own results and those of your team drastically.

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