When poor performance is really poor management

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Imagine the scenario- you recruit a new person into your team and a couple of months later he or she is still not performing.



What do you do?



That was the situation faced by a manager I spoke to recently.

So I asked him if he’d set the new team member any goals. It turned out that he thought the team member should know what to do. And he did, in a vague way.




Delegating the goals


However, the manager had not delegated the goals clearly. By this I mean the difference between saying:



You need to sell shoes


You need to sell enough shoes to make $500 profit each day



The second statement focuses on getting the important thing, the profit. It’s easy to make the mistake of just focusing on the sales. But any fool can sell at a loss. That generally isn’t very useful.




What if the new team member still isn’t performing?


Then you need to look at what he or she is doing. They need to be clear what needs to be different.



So you ask the question:


What do you need to do differently in order to achieve this goal?



Sometimes you’ll find that people don’t know the answers. Sometimes they will need to think about it or they will need some help. The important thing is that they get an answer so that they can start to improve.


A manager and team member

Leadership skills for improving performance


If you don’t do anything different, you’ll get the same result.




A leadership skill


There doesn’t have to be a complicated plan, just keep identifying what needs to be different and you’ll often find performance will start to improve.



The skill of the effective manager is to make it easy for people to get this information so that they can take action.






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