How to Give Great Customer Service


How to keep current customers and get new ones.

74 ways to make sure your customers stay customers and keep building your business by Judi Williams and Nancy Slessenger

  • Are you losing valuable customers to your competitors?
  • Are you having trouble getting repeat business from your customers?
  • Do you need to improve customer satisfaction?
  • Do you get complaints about your customer service?

If so, this booklet is for you.

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How to Give Great Customer Service

74 ways to make sure your customers stay customers and keep building your business by Judi Williams and Nancy Slessenger

Do you need to improve the customers’ perception of your organisation? In this simple, step by step guide you’ll discover:

  • What great customer service really is
  • What your customers expect
  • Why it is important to exceed expectations
  • What great customer service gets you as an individual
  • What great service means to you as an organisation
  • The key elements of great customer service
  • What really makes a difference for the customer
  • The Principles of Great Customer Service
  • How to create trust and customer loyalty.
  • How to Influence Customer Perceptions.
  • How to Take Positive Action.
  • How to Create a positive and memorable Customer Experience.
  • What makes a big difference to the customer’s experience.
  • How to empathise with the customer.
  • How, what and when to Communicate
  • How to establish rapport with your customer
  • How to communicate with customers over the phone and by email
  • Useful language techniques including Examples
  • A four step process to make the customer part of the solution not the problem.
  • Tips for Dealing with Upset Customers
  • What not to say to an upset customer
  • How to Turn Complaints into Opportunities

Immediate results you can expect when you use ‘How to Give Great Customer Service’

  • You will gain and keep more customers
  • You will achieve more repeat business
  • Your customer service standards will increase
  • Your organisation’s image will improve
  • You will get fewer complaints and more positive feedback
  • Your customer service staff will be more motivated
  • Your customer service staff will be able to deal confidently with challenging situations

Great customer care is vital for keeping your existing customers, getting new customers and increasing sales. It’s equally important for building relationships with external customers and your internal customers – your colleagues.
This booklet contains practical, easily applied tips that make it easier for you to give great customer service, even in difficult situations. It will keep you ahead of your competitors in these challenging time.

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