How to Create and Give PowerPoint Presentations that Work


The secrets of effective presentations and how to use PowerPoint all in ONE booklet.

124 easy to follow tips and techniques on how to create, structure and give your PowerPoint presentations effectively by Colin Higton and Nancy Slessenger.

Find out how to improve your presentation skills by making your slides much better and structuring your presentation effectively. Contact us for coaching to really make your mark with an audience.

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The secrets of effective presentations and how to use PowerPoint all in ONE booklet

In this booklet written with expert Graphic Designer Colin Higton, Nancy Slessenger reveals the mysteries of how to create an effective presentation that will keep your audience engaged.

Nancy has presented to groups large and small in many countries. She has given both formal and informal presentations, using PowerPoint and without PowerPoint. She has trained thousands of people in structuring and giving presentations on many different topics. An experienced presenter of over twenty years she shares with you her tips on engaging and persuasive presentations.

Colin has his own Graphic Design company, Hullabaloo, and has been creating presentations for clients for well over 20 years (though you’d never think that if you saw how young he looks). He shares with you the secrets of making your presentation look good and professional – allowing you to feel relaxed and confident.

You will discover:

  • How to plan out your presentation from scratch
  • How to structure your presentation to get your point across most effectively
  • How to work out how many slides you really need
  • How to design and use your own templates (and why it’s a good idea)
  • How to put the words in, using headings effectively
  • How to decide what presentation methods to use
  • How to use pictures and graphics
  • Whether you should use humour and if so, how
  • What animation effects you should use
  • How to present numerical information
  • How to polish your presentation
  • How many words you should have on each slide
  • How to resolve typical problems with presentations
  • How to do sales presentations
  • What notes you should give your audience
  • How to test out your presentation – what to look out for
  • Your presentation check list to ensure nothing is forgotten


Immediate results you can expect when you use the tips in How to Create and Give PowerPoint Presentations that Work

  • You will be more relaxed when you present
  • You will be in control
  • You will be more persuasive
  • Your audience will enjoy your presentations more
  • Your presentations will be more effective
  • You will find it much easier to prepare your presentations
  • You will find using PowerPoint easier