Performance Management the Easy Way : Training DVD Pack


All the material you need for training your people in performance management in one DVD

All you need to train your people in the foundations of performance management including video clips, presentations and notes on writing SMART objectives and goals, giving feedback and carrying out performance reviews.

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  • Performance Management Made Easy DVD

    All you need to train your people in the foundations of performance management including video clips, presentations and notes.

    Price: $952.00

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  • Performance Management Made Easy DVD With Bonus

    Performance Management Training dvd with bonus material. Includes the slides, notes and instructions on what to do so you can do the training yourself on SMART objectives, giving feedback and carrying out performance reviews

    Price: $1047.31

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  • Performance Management Set

    If you want people to achieve their objectives, this set is for you. It includes our three most popular booklets on Objectives, Performance Review and Feedback for a bargain price.

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    Price: $21.00

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  • Premium Performance Management Tips Booklets Complete Set

    Premium Performance Management Tips Booklets Complete Set to help you with managing attendance, giving feedback, interviewing, objectives, appraisals and difficult people

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    Price: $40.25

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  • Workshop - How to make Performance Management work for you

    Objective Setting and Appraisals Workshop.

    Price: $3500.00

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All the material you need for training your people in performance management in one DVD

All you need to train your people in the foundations of performance management including video clips, presentations and notes on writing SMART objectives and goals, giving feedback and carrying out performance reviews.

  • Need to get your people trained on Performance Management, but can’t afford to get someone in to do it?
  • Want an internal course but don’t have time to design it?
  • Are you struggling to get Performance Management working?

Here is the complete solution you have been looking for

In difficult times it is more important than ever that people are performing.

To do that you need a good performance management system and people actually using it effectively.

Nancy explains how this DVD will transform your results

“I am fanatical about a ‘joined up’ performance management system. It’s the best and easiest way to get the performance you need.

It’s not hard or complicated. I show you the easy, straightforward ways so your people can implement your system with the least possible effort and get the maximum possible rewards – all the more important in these difficult times.

I would love to meet you personally to share this with you, but realise that it’s not possible or economical for me to meet everyone. This is the next best thing to having me come personally.

Easy Performance Management Training That Can Double Your Department or Organization’s Productivity in 45 Days or Less

In this professionally made and edited training DVD, you’ll discover everything you need to know in the following areas of Performance Management…


1. SMART Objectives

You’ll discover:

  • Key points on what’s wrong with the bad objectives examples and how to correct them
    “Develop a close working relationship with the Sales Manager”
    “Attend a presentation skills course”
    “Build a high-performing team”
    “Maximise the efficiency of the XXX process”
    “Support the Marketing department “
  • How to specify time in your objectives
  • How to write objectives around attending meetings
  • Key points on good and bad objectives at the top, with examples of really bad top level objectives and some good ones and why they are so good.
  • The difference between behaviours, values and objectives
  • Why the bottom up objective-setting process doesn’t work
  • How to deal with poorly aligned objectives
  • And, most importantly the questions to ask when you are trying to write your objectives


2. Appraisals and Performance Reviews

  • A really straight forward structure to make any appraisal or performance review easy and motivating.
  • How to improve performance next year – the key purpose of the performance review.


3. How to Give Feedback

I have made this a separate section, rather than including it with the appraisal and performance review sections, so it can act as a stand-alone session. This is because effective feedback is the most effective way of improving performance, so should be used all the time, not just during performance reviews.

In this section you will discover:

  • An exercise that really helps people to understand just why feedback is crucial to performance management and how to run it effectively
  • The purpose of feedback
  • Why feedback must focus on what people are doing well
  • Examples to make the point
  • An easy, fool-proof structure for giving feedback that people will love and really works



My personal slide packs: Worth £2000



1. How to write objectives

‘Why do people hate doing objectives and what to do about it’. This has taken me 20 years of working in this field to develop. It contains all my key material on objectives that I have spent those years working on and improving so you don’t have to.

This slide pack is based on slide sets I have prepared for clients over the years, incorporating all the best points. They have paid over £2000 each for this information. You will find:

  • The three key problems people have with objectives
  • My favourite six worst objectives (you will recognise most of these) and how to turn them into well-written objectives
  • The worst badly written objectives from the top
  • Why objectives need to be written in the positive
  • Why the ‘bottom up’ system doesn’t work
  • How to cascade objectives
  • How to state time in objectives (there are four ways)
  • How to do objectives for ‘attending meetings’ (there are three ways)
  • Where behaviours and values fit in
  • What problems are caused by poorly aligned objectives
  • How to recognise and deal with badly aligned objectives
  • The key questions to ask someone (including yourself) that are the key to getting your objectives right

2. How to do appraisals and performance reviews.

Many organisations make these meetings ten times worse than they need to be. The key is in the structure. I’ve spent years working out a simple, straightforward structure that my clients love. I have even sat in on performance reviews to see how much better they are when they are done this way

Don’t take my word for it – try it yourself.

  • My recommended easy structure for appraisals and performance reviews
  • It’s easy to use, takes less time than the old-fashioned ones
  • AND it gives you better results; motivated staff and better performance

My presentation called ‘Feedback: What it is and how to use it to improve performance’ is based on neuroscience research.

I show you how to use feedback in a way that actually improves performance. Feedback is the most effective tool for improving performance. That’s why it should have a special place in any performance management system.


3. How to give feedback.

I’ve made it a separate slide pack because it’s so important that you should be getting people to do this every day, not just in appraisals and performance reviews. This way, it will work as a completely stand-alone module.

It includes:

  • What feedback really is (not what many people think it is)
  • Why telling people just doesn’t work
  • A structure for giving feedback that replaces the ‘sandwich technique’, is easier to use and MUCH more effective
  • A fun exercise that really makes the point.
  • How to give written feedback
  • How to set people up for success (instead of catching them out when they fail)
  • How to make sure people get their own feedback so you can get on with your job and they will be more effective in theirs


Includes Presenter’s notes

All the information you need when you are running the workshop and presenting the slides.

These notes are in the ‘notes’ section on each slide and also in an easy-to-use word document that you can print out. It’s in really large print so you can refer to it easily as you do you presentation.

This is the information I would normally share with the a client when I am showing them how to present the material in a half-day coaching session.

Extra value additional content! For only £80 you get this additional material:


1. Trainer’s tips Worth £1000

Normally I would go through this with you in a personal coaching session, or I would do this for you.

In this information I share with you lots of extras thoughts, ideas and ways of modifying each of the presentations so you can tailor them exactly to your situation and organisation.


2. Instant Cut and Paste Objectives

I have spent 20 years helping people to write their objectives. In these documents I have put key examples from six different fields:

  • HR
  • Admin (one of the most difficult areas to write objectives for)
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Research
  • IT
  • Accounts

You see the badly written real examples from my 20 years of experience along side the well written objective and an explanation. Each set has well over twenty examples (some more than 50).

I know you will recognise some of these objectives in your own organisation.
You can use these to help your people develop their own objectives.


3. Live recording from my tour on Performance Management

You can listen to this MP3 audio file in less than an hour and learn from many real life examples and simple explanations of effective Performance Management techniques – all of which you can use in your own training.

How To Improve Performance Quickly and Easily Starting Today

If you were to hire an HR consultant such as myself to come into your organization, it would cost you at least £2500. Plus you would have to pay over and over again to offer the live training to any new employees or managers.

If you bring in a consultant twice a year, that’s at least £5000.

So do yourself a favour and get this pack now.”