How to Motivate Yourself & Others


Do you have trouble motivating others? Do you have problems with low morale? Do find people who are really negative all the time really annoying? Do you need to retain talent and good people?

Get our booklet “How to Motivate Yourself and Others” in either hard copy or downloadable format. It is full of tools and techniques to motivate others and to keep yourself motivated too.

Or, for more in-depth information, including how to deal with people who resist change and three key tools to keep yourself motivated, get the CD of our webinar on motivation.

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  • How To Motivate Yourself And Others

    67 easy and practical ways to make sure you and others get things done.

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  • Motivation Double Deal

    2 booklets to help you motivate and stay motivate. Clear objectives improve motivation and this set includes tips on objectives and other motivation tools too.

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  • Webinar Recording: How To Motivate Your Team

    This recording is packed full of tools and techniques to make motivating others as easy as falling off a log.

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How to Motivate Yourself and Others

Being able to motivate your team, even in the most difficult circumstances, is a vital skill. The tools you will find here give will have your team humming.

Do you have trouble motivating others? Do you have problems with low morale? Do find people who are really negative all the time really annoying? Do you need to retain talent and good people?

Do you need to keep people motivated whilst delivering difficult messages – like redundancy?

This booklet is for you. It’s written for those who need to motivate members of their team (and sometimes, even themselves).


In this simple, step by step guide you will discover:

  • What motivation is
  • The easy first step that really helps in every situation
  • Examples of different kinds of motivation and how to work with them
  • How to keep people motivated once you’ve got them going
  • How to deal with negativity and complaints
  • How to motivate ‘negative’ people
  • How to motivate highly creative people
  • How to motivate people to be more proactive
  • How to motivate people to do mundane jobs
  • How to motivate people when you can’t increase their pay
  • How to motivate people in redundancy situations
  • How to motivate people to improve quality and accuracy
  • How to motivate people to work well in teams
  • How to motivate people to accept change
  • How to motivate yourself when you lose interest
  • How to motivate yourself to complete unpleasant tasks
  • How to motivate yourself when you are stressed


Immediate results you can expect when you use ‘How to Motivate Yourself and Others’

  • You will be able to get your team motivated
  • You will be able to achieve your objectives more easily
  • You will be able to get your team to get things done
  • You will spend less time chasing people up
  • You will get more done
  • You will be more motivated

The skill to motivate others is vital for anyone managing a team, or even just one person. It’s also very useful when it comes to managing your own tasks and goals.

This booklet contains practical, easily applied tips that will make it easier for you to motivate yourself and others, even in difficult situations. It includes a brief summary of seven popular motivation theories.


How To Motivate Your Team- CD

In this recording you will discover how to motivate just about anyone to do just about anything.
Most people don’t know what motivation is and make a complete mess of trying to motivate others – in fact they often make the situation worse.

I show you the key mistakes to avoid – AND what to do instead. You’ll be amazed at some of them. You’ll notice your colleagues using them all the time and now you’ll know why they don’t work.


You will discover

  • A way of understanding what motivation is that will make it easy to motivate anyone. This information will be some of the most valuable you ever get.
  • You’ll get a really easy way to discover what motivates the people you need to motivate. It’s quick, costs nothing and extremely powerful.
  • You’ll discover how to motivate ‘negative’ people. You know them: the ones who tell you that your ideas won’t work, things are impossible and we are all doomed.  But, when you know how to motivate them, it’s really easy.
  • A fantastic question that works like a dream and will spark the people who just aren’t making an effort back into life. It’s one of the most useful questions I have ever come across (and it will work with your children too).
  • Three key tools for keeping yourself motivated. It can be very hard sometimes when times are tough – as they are now – and you must do things you don’t like or even hate doing. You’ll find out what to do about that, how to get them done quickly and without fuss.
  • Here’s one that you may be struggling with. Do you work with people who don’t like change? Well, if you do, I’ll tell you how to get them to accept change. The worst bit is, you’ll discover what you are doing to make them resist change and what you need to do instead.  You’ll be amazed at the difference.
  • A great tool to keep people motivated and working on a task, without extra effort from you. It’s hard to believe that you can get more out with less effort, but if you do it right – you can.

The recording is packed full of tools you can use straight away and real life examples from our guest who has many years of experience putting all these tools into practice.