Memory Tips for Educators

Are you a teacher or trainer who is dedicated to helping your students but finds they often forget what you have taught them?

Or are you a parent who wants their children to do well? These tips will help you to get your students and children to remember what they are learning.

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Memory Tips for Educators

  • Do your students come back to the next lesson as though they missed the last one?
  • Do your students do worse in tests than you know they should?
  • Would you like some news ways to help them to remember what you taught them?


If your answer is ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, this booklet is for you. In this simple, step-by-step guide you will find out:

  • How to use different memory systems
  • How each different system works and what it is
  • How to organise memory for easy retrieval
  • How to lay down semantic memories
  • How to use visual memory to improve recall
  • How to use procedural memory How to use emotional memory
  • How to use contextual memory


Immediate results you can expect when you use Memory Tips for Teachers

  • You will be able to plan out your lessons to improve student recall
  • Your students will get better results
  • Your students will learn more

Lew Miller, the author, worked in the education sector for thirty-three years. He speaks at national conferences on teaching.

He won awards for the strategies he introduced in his role as Curriculum Director in Delaware which brought about major improvements in learning for those students who experienced them.

Now you can benefit from his experience with this concise tips booklet, formatted for ease of use and available both as a hard copy booklet to keep in your briefcase, or as a downloadable pdf file to save you waiting for the post.