Improve Your Memory

Workshop - Improve Your Memory

  • Worried that your memory is getting worse?
  • Can’t remember why you went upstairs?
  • Or just want to improve your memory?

Improving your memory is not difficult. It just takes a little bit of effort, but that pays off very quickly.

Available as a full or half-day workshop carried out at your business premises, we answer your questions on memory and give you strategies you can use immediately to improve it.

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  • Memory Tips for Educators

    If you are an educator in any field who is dedicated to helping your students learn more easily, this booklet is for you.

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    Price: $7.29

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  • Workshop: Improve Your Memory

    Improve Your Memory Now and For The Rest Of Your Life. Easy ways to remember all those things that you keep forgetting and keep improving your memory as you get older.

    Price: $2800.00

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We include all these tools and topics:

  • 7 memory strategies for you to try
  • What you need to avoid – things that make memory worse
  • Easy things you can do that will make your memory better
  • 6 different kinds of memory
  • Why your memory is probably better than you think
  •  How to get your memory to improve as you get older
  • Why memory gets worse when you are stressed
  • Self esteem and memory – how they are linked

I also ran a teleseminar on this topic, and the recording of this event is available for you to download and listen to at your convenience, along with supporting materials.