How to Hire Well For Vets

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  • Recruit Right for Vets Webinar Series

    A step-by-step guide that prevents you from hiring the wrong people and gets you the people to maximise success and minimise stress.

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How to Hire for Vets – Webinar Series; Watch the first one for free here



Dave Nicol of North Ryde

Dr Dave Nicol of the North Ryde Veterinary Hospital and Nancy Slessenger have designed this webinar specifically for you if you want to recruit people into a veterinary practice.


In this first webinar you will get an overview of the process and we will be share some of our experiences.


Dave Nicol has turned round the North Ryde Veterinary Hospital, from a loss-making practice to a profitable practice in just 9 months. It now makes 19% profit. A major part of this turn around was the recruitment process.

See this  David Nicol short video where Dave explains just how much difference  recruitment has made to his business.


Nancy Slessenger, who started Vinehouse, is the recruitment expert who has worked with Dave on these recruitments to develop this process especially for veterinary practices.


In this webinar series designed specially for you, we share some of our secrets.

Getting the right person is vital for the success of your practice. There is no recruitment process at all that can guarantee you 100% you have the right person, but this process will increase the odds very much in your favour. It may look like a lot of work. However, if you follow the steps you will get great results quickly, for the least effort and a low cost. In fact this process will save you the horrendous cost of getting the wrong people.

 This first webinar is free to watch (just click the link above) and is just one hour. It gives you an overview of the process that Dave has used to successfully recruit five people into his practice, including a new Vet, a Receptionist and Vet Nurses and is packed full of real examples.

 It is part of a whole series of webinars that give you the tools you need to take the pain and trouble out of recruitment forever.  


Webinar 1 – Overview of the process – FREE

  • The key elements of the hiring process and how to make it successful
  • How to structure the process to make it easy and cost-effective
  • The preparation – the foundation work
  • The advertisement – getting the right candidates
  • Tests to eliminate poor candidates – how to spot the good ones
  • The elimination process – key aspects to make it successful
  • What to do when the successful candidate starts in the role – the bit most people forget

 We welcome your feedback on the teleseminar! Do contact us.


Webinar 2 – There is no ‘try’ only ‘do’: The preparation

  • How to identify the purpose of the job
  • How to Produce a Job Description
  • How to produce the profile/person specification
  • How to create your scoring table


Webinar 3 – Design an advertisement

  • How to make your ad stand out
  • How to attract the right people
  • How not to get swamped by the wrong people


Webinar 4 – How to design tests to eliminate poor candidates

  • How testing saves you lots of money and time
  • What you should be testing for
  • How to design tests that pick out the important issues
  • How to make sure you can mark tests quickly and easily
  • On line tests
  • Face to face tests


Webinar 5 – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: How to Eliminate candidates in a cost-effective way

  • How to modify the advertisement if you need to
  • How to organise the tests and interviews into the most efficient order
  • What you can and can’t get from CVs and application forms
  • What to ask in the telephone interview and what you can get from it
  • The face-to-face tests and final interview
  • What to ask in the final interview
  • What to say to candidates who don’t meet the criteria


Webinar 6 – They think it’s all over: What to do when the successful candidate starts in the role

  • How to set the objectives
  • How to monitor progress
  • What to do if there are problems
  • What to do if you have hired the wrong person


You will get an email with links to all the recordings.


We welcome your feedback on the teleseminar! Do contact us.