How To Deal With Bullying – Tips

1. Identify your goal. You need to be very clear what it is you want. Is it that you want the individual to behave in a specific way towards you? Or is it that you want a completely different life? … Continue reading

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Why people think there is nothing they can do about bullying

This can happen because long term stress, such as that caused by bullying, damages your brain. In particular it can destroy cells in your hippocampus (a small part of your brain just above your ear). This makes your hippocampus smaller. … Continue reading

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What is bullying?

This week is National Anti-Bullying week. During this week we all need to make an effort to improve the way we treat each other. The first step is to recognise bullying Bulling happens when you ignore the needs of others … Continue reading

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Why emotional intelligence helps

A lot of rubbish is talked about emotional intelligence. But what is it really? Emotional intelligence is your ability to: Recognise emotions both in yourself and others Know how those emotions impact on your behaviour and thought Access the most … Continue reading

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3 Tips to help you achieve your objectives and goals

Keeping yourself motivated so that you achieve your goals and objectives is something that many people find difficult. It’s easy enough at the beginning, but as you encounter problems and obstacles it can get more difficult. To achieve your goals … Continue reading

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Advanced questioning skills

Do you use your questions effectively? Do you ask the right questions? I was working with a client recently looking at the questions she had used in an interview. On first inspection they seemed perfectly reasonable. But when you dug … Continue reading

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How to create difficult people

All this week my colleague Charlie has had problems with her email and phone lines. On Thursday her entire Internet connection and land phone lines went down. As I write this, they are still down. But the biggest problem has … Continue reading

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Negative people and how to deal with them

Do you have to deal with negativity? People who sap your energy and find fault with every good idea? Negative department I once worked with an entire department stuffed full of very negative people. They checked the work of other … Continue reading

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