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For a sample of Nancy Slessenger’s work and to experience her no-nonsense methods, pick the topic you are most interested in today and you’ll find some of her most helpful tips popping into your inbox. These are real ideas you can implement straight away. For most of these topics, Nancy has published booklets with complete, concise sets of tips that are distilled from her many years of experience both as a manager and as a consultant. You can buy the booklets on the website. We know these ideas work. We use them ourselves!


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How to Write SMART Objectives

Sign up for one of these five-day email courses on how to write objectives for your team, yourself or, if you are an HR Professional, how to help others to write objectives.


How to Do an Appraisal, Performance Review and PDR

Pick the five day email course that suits you. For HR Professionals get tips on how to help others to do appraisals well and find out why they have the problems they do.

For Managers, find out how to prepare for and carry out appraisals.

If it’s just your appraisal you need to be prepared for, there’s a course specially for you.



Articles about Dealing With Difficult People at work and home and Difficult Behaviours

How to recognise and deal with Disruptive People at work.

A Simple Tool for dealing with Difficult People


Articles on Performance Management


Grapevine Blog

Nancy Slessenger writes a regular blog, covering all the Vinehouse topics – SMART Objectives, Performance Management, Dealing With Difficult People and all kinds of general skills useful in the workplace and in getting things done. As usual, Nancy pulls no punches in her blog and you’ll find that it’s full of useful ideas and tips. Often you’ll find that Nancy challenges your preconceptions about performance management and she always backs up her thoughts with real experiences. Just click the link below and bookmark the page.

Grapevine Blog

“I absolutely love reading all the great info in your emails. Am so happy to be a subscriber. And thanks for offering the 10% discount too. Nancy you’re the best!”

Victoria BC,




“Hi Nancy,
I’ve been receiving your newsletter for about a couple of years (?) now and wanted to say how much I enjoy reading it.It ticks all my boxes – I.e it’s short, pragmatic, has situations/subjects I can relate to and you use your knowledge, experience and stories to discuss a resolution.I have used the content from some of them on training courses, never forgetting to state the source and encouraging others to join. A big thanks again”Jackie

Victoria BC,



“I am not involved in the HR side of our organization but I had to tell you that I find the grapevine well worth a read whenever it rolls in.Many of the concepts forwarded have been helpful in “getting me moving” within my role and my organization. Thanks and please keep the good advice coming!”



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