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Objectives that give you drastic change

What’s the difference between objectives that that dramatically improve your business and objectives that just keep things ticking over? Here’s a great question from a Grapevine reader about how to write objectives for two different kinds of people that illustrates … Continue reading

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Measuring Poor Performance

Do you have these performance ratings in your appraisal system? Meets expectations Exceeds expectation Did not meet expectations I hope not, because they are worse than useless.   The purpose of the performance rating Often it is linked to pay … Continue reading

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Failure is an option

Here’s what happened at a meeting I was told about recently. A team were discussing their plan for the next three months. One of the team (a member of the sales department) proclaimed; “Failure is not an option”. It is … Continue reading

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Three dangers of objectives

In their paper, Goals Gone Wild: The Systematic Side Effects of Over-Prescribing Goal Setting, Lisa D. Ordóñez, Maurice E. Schweitzer, Adam D. Galinsky and Max H. Bazerman, the authors cite the hazards of ‘indiscriminate goal setting’.   3 serious risks … Continue reading

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Bad Customer Service Objectives

Have you seen any customer service goals and objectives like these 4 examples? Answer the phone within 3 rings Ensure our clients’ expectations are exceeded Provide customers with an excellent standard of service Continually increase the level of resources going … Continue reading

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How many objectives should you have?

Are four objectives enough? In the book “One Page Talent Management” they advise people should have just four objectives. The reason they give is “an emerging body of research indicates that the more goals an individual has, the more poorly … Continue reading

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Too busy to work on your objectives?

Keeping the elephants away A man was in a railway carriage with one other occupant: a young woman. On the seat beside her rested a large bag of ham sandwiches. Every five or ten minutes, she opened the window, took … Continue reading

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Objectives for back room roles

I was told recently by someone that you couldn’t write meaningful objectives for people who just work 9-5 and expect to take an hour for lunch. I was quite shocked to hear this coming from a senior person. Unfortunately it … Continue reading

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