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What is your priority?

What is the priority? So often when you ask people (perhaps even your manager) what the priority is they say, “Everything is important.” This shows a complete lack of ability to prioritise. In some organisations it seems to get worse … Continue reading

Posted on by Nancy Slessenger9 Comments

Are you working too hard or taking too many holidays?

Have you had too many days off recently? Are too many holidays interfering with work? I heard a discussion recently on this subject between two businessmen. One felt that four bank holidays so close to each other (we still have … Continue reading

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Easy learning

Do you learn from your mistakes? I’m sure you do. It’s the best way to learn, isn’t it? From your own mistakes? Well, it might be, but there are other ways too. And they can be quicker and very powerful. … Continue reading

Posted on by Nancy Slessenger14 Comments

Are you middle-aged? If so you might like to know this….

Yesterday I heard an extremely interesting interview with Barbara Strauch. She had some encouraging things to say about middle-aged brains. By the way, ‘middle-age’ is now classified as between 40 and 65. I’ve written a lot on how to keep … Continue reading

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People who don’t like change – why they are so valuable

Have you come across people who don’t like change? People who seem to block it at every turn? The ones who moan about change and claim they’ve “seen it all before”? They are also the people who make it most … Continue reading

Posted on by Nancy Slessenger11 Comments

How to audit your objectives

How do you audit the objectives in your organisation? The first thing is to be clear why you are doing it. If you want your organisation to be successful, it’s vital that everyone has the right objectives. Why If you … Continue reading

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Why you need unachievable objectives

Have you been asked to agree to an objective or goal that is unachievable? Or have you asked someone to agree to an unachievable objective? Have you been ruled by SMART? Here’s a reminder of what “SMART” stands for: Specific … Continue reading

Posted on by Nancy Slessenger3 Comments

The Mistake Safety Net

Have you ever made this mistake? Something happens, you assume you know why, and you are completely wrong? I have a little safety net that usually saves me from seriously bad mistakes. Let me share it with you. You might … Continue reading

Posted on by Nancy Slessenger2 Comments

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