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Hot Chocolate For Your Memory (yes really)

  How’s your memory? A while back, I touched on an issue that plagues a lot of people as they get older – memory loss and difficulty forming and keeping new memories.     A big part of memory difficulties … Continue reading

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Is your memory going or are you just getting old?

    Last week I was at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I went to see a show based on one of my favourite TV shows from my childhood,  Noggin the Nog.     I loved it. It was staged very … Continue reading

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Should teenagers be allowed to sleep in?

  Sleeping in  This week I heard an interesting debate on the radio between Guy Holloway, head teacher at Hampton Court House and Anna May Mangan.   He is planning to let his students start at 1.30 in the afternoon, … Continue reading

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Are you being bullied?

Being bullied is one of the most miserable experiences you can have. It can also make you stressed and angry. But there are things you can do. Here are some tips to help. You’ll find more help here. Recognise the … Continue reading

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Are you middle-aged? If so you might like to know this….

Yesterday I heard an extremely interesting interview with Barbara Strauch. She had some encouraging things to say about middle-aged brains. By the way, ‘middle-age’ is now classified as between 40 and 65. I’ve written a lot on how to keep … Continue reading

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The Best Memory Resources

So you want to improve your memory?  On our memory workshops I am often asked if there are any books I can recommend to help people improve their memories. I’ve been to lots of conferences and lectures on memory and … Continue reading

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Does Your Memory Get Worse As You Get Older?

Probably the biggest question that people should ask but don’t is: Why does my memory get worse as I get older? The answer is that there is no reason for your memory to get worse. It happens because you let … Continue reading

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Biggest Memory Problems

The Biggest Problems With MemoryPeople often complain to me that they have trouble remembering things, yet when I ask them what they have done to improve their memory, the answer is usually “Nothing”. How do you expect your memory to … Continue reading

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