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How to Cope with Stressful Situations and Shocks

Recently I’ve been working with a client that is having to make a large number of positions redundant. One of the workshops I ran for them was about how to deal with the initial feelings (shock, worry etc) in that … Continue reading

Posted on by Nancy Slessenger6 Comments

Sir Gerry Does It Again

Last week I watched the first part of another series by Sir Gerry Robinson. This time he was trying to fix Dementia care homes. Nightmare He mentioned that his own father had suffered from this awful disease. We were taken … Continue reading

Posted on by Nancy Slessenger3 Comments

How Honest Are You?

In a piece of fascinating research Dr Stefan Fafinski and Dr Emily Finch studied public perceptions of dishonest behaviour. Some of the findings were a little surprising, if disappointing. Nearly two thirds of people said they had taken stationery home … Continue reading

Posted on by Nancy Slessenger4 Comments

Is Your Memory Fading?

A few weeks ago my mother called me to let me know my father had forgotten something. I was a bit surprised. I wondered why she was calling me on such a trivial matter. Then it became a bit more … Continue reading

Posted on by Nancy Slessenger2 Comments

Are You Causing Your Employees Real Pain?

Ellen, who I worked with years ago, spent many years caring for her father. She had a brother and sister who did not help at all and left all the work to her. She cooked meals for him every day … Continue reading

Posted on by Nancy Slessenger4 Comments

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