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When poor performance is really poor management

    Imagine the scenario- you recruit a new person into your team and a couple of months later he or she is still not performing.     What do you do?     That was the situation faced by … Continue reading

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Is your memory going or are you just getting old?

    Last week I was at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I went to see a show based on one of my favourite TV shows from my childhood,  Noggin the Nog.     I loved it. It was staged very … Continue reading

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What difference does it make?

  Do your people know the difference they make and how they contribute to your company goals and objectives?     Is it really necessary for people to know how their goals fit into the big picture? If so, why? … Continue reading

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When you can’t decide what to do

    Are you dithering over a decision? Sometimes it can be really hard to finally take the plunge.     Here are two interesting tools to help you that I heard about recently on one of my favorite radio … Continue reading

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The thin end of the recruitment wedge

  Have you ever noticed how easy it is to start letting your standards slip without realizing it’s happening?     The Ugg boots   My colleague, Dave Nicol, recently confessed to me that he had become an Ugg boot … Continue reading

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How to deal with people who are just plain wrong

  Do you recognize this scenario?     You are talking to someone who just won’t listen and is completely wrong. You know the kind of person: someone who is stubborn and keeps arguing with you and dismissing your (excellent) … Continue reading

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Why impatience can cost you $100k

  Most mornings I go for a run along the lanes where I live. I don’t particularly like running, but I know it’s good for me. So I’ve found ways to make it less unpleasant, I don’t expect it to … Continue reading

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Do you allow your emotions to rule your life?

  Are you able to identify emotions?   Try this simple test: Can you tell the difference between a happy dog and an angry dog? I bet you can – and being able to do this is vital.     … Continue reading

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