If you have any of these problems – we can help



Are you struggling to recruit? Are you having trouble finding the right person? We provide a full recruitment service specifically for small to medium sized businesses. We work with people just like you in the UK, Australia, the US and Canada.


SMART objectives that aren’t SMART

Dd you hate writing objectives? Do you have trouble making them SMART? Do you put it off until the last minute? Or do you work with managers who do? We can even write them for you. 


Measuring Performance

You have trouble measuring performance when it’s time for performance reviews?


Performance Issues

Are there performance issues that you know you need to deal with, but you don’t know how to do it? Like employee performance management. Or have you already tried things that just haven’t worked?


You need to get your team to perform better and work together, but the things you have tried so far haven’t given you the results you know could be achieved.


Difficult People

There are people you find difficult to deal with. You’d like to be able to work with them effectively and easily. Dealing with difficult people at work can soak up a lot of time and cause unnecessary stress. They might use bullying, be indecisive, negative, badly organised, always changing their mind, or just plain awkward. It’s frustrating and makes your life more difficult than it has to be.



Personal Coaching If you would like some personal coaching on any of these issues, we can help.


If you are facing any of these issues we’d love to hear from you. Please call us on +44 01483 811483 or contact us.