How We Work


Fast. We know you are busy and it’s really annoying for you when you have to wade through mountains of padding to get to the information you need. So we don’t do padding. Everything we do is honed to give you all the information you need in a short, easy format.

We just focus on the key things you need to know to achieve your goals. That’s why our tips booklets are so short.

We work and have published booklets in many areas from employee appraisals to attendance management and how to improve presentation skills to dealing with poor performance.


Up-to-date. You get the best tools, techniques and materials that are quick and easy to use because we keep up with the latest research in the field of learning and the brain.


Practical. All our products and materials are full of practical, easy-to-use techniques that will help you to achieve your goals. You will find ideas and tools you can implement straight away.


Clarity of Materials. We have developed our materials over many years and we update them regularly. They are designed to give you just what you need and not swamp you with useless confusing extra information.

We will tailor them to suit your organisation and give you discounts for buying in bulk.


Training. We make sure that you get training that is specifically focussed on your needs. That’s why we like to talk to you and people who will be participating before we design it. We want to make sure we really know exactly what everyone needs to be doing differently by the end of the training. And make sure that the training suits the participants and their level of expertise.

So the preparation may take a little longer that you are used to. But because of that, the training itself is usually shorter as a result of being more focused and better planned.


Enjoyable. As well as meeting your needs, we like our workshops to be fun. We know people learn more when they are enjoying themselves. So we use all kinds of techniques to make sure you learn what you need to know and also enjoy the process.


Follow Through. People get more from workshops if there is some kind of follow up, and we know you don’t always have time to do that yourself. So we will do that for you in a format that works for you. Many of our clients like an interactive email follow up and we get some really good feedback from people who experience it.


Coaching. We help you to deal effectively with particular problems and situations. We do it in a way that means you will not be tied into long-term support. We get straight to the problem and help you to tackle it. Often we can do this in one or two short sessions over the phone.

We believe people deserve to be treated fairly, with respect and honesty. We don’t help organisations to deliberately treat their people badly, unfairly or dishonestly. We believe that if people are treated well they will perform better. This runs through everything we do.


The truth. If you want to do something in a way that won’t work, we will tell you. And we will also let you know what will work, what you could achieve and how it could be done.

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Thank you so much for such a terrific, engaging and thoroughly enjoyable session. All the feedback has been extremely and exceptionally positive. You were awesome and greatly appreciated by us all.
Alan Margolis
Founder & Co-Chair of The Corporate Association for Professional Development
Just wanted to send you a quick note to say that I was given your Managing Difficult people tips booklet and I think it is great! Simple, easy to follow and practical – lots of pragmatics hints and tips to deal with real-life scenarios.
Stephanie Jones
Your advice was really useful – I now whiz through a task that I used to agonize hours over!
Joanne Conate
Could I express my personal thanks to you for the extremely useful and succinct knowledge in all your booklets. I constantly use them for reference and pass on tips to members of my staff team from them all the time.
Maureen Sydney
Director of Higher Education, University Centre, Doncaster